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Backlit Posters

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Backlit Standard Posters Sizes for use with our Backlit Frames.

Backlit Prints Illuminate Your Business

Backlit prints are a great way to spotlight your advertisements and graphics day and night.’s backlit prints grab attention with bright, vivid graphics. Use a backlight to accent details of your backlit prints, brighten the colors of the design and really make a statement. These full-color backlit prints capture the interest of potential customers at any time of day. Backlit prints illuminate when a light source is placed behind them, such as a fluorescent or LED light. Backlit prints are available in backlit poster or backlit film materials. Both are designed to diffuse light, evenly creating a realistic glow and adding radiance to vibrant color shades. Since the light accentuates every detail and the materials are slightly-transparent, backlit prints appear three-dimensional and "pop" with vibrant beauty. is your source for beautiful, custom backlit posters.

Backlit Posters & Backlit Film Featuring Beautiful, Custom Designs

Backlit posters and film are designed with YOU in mind. Whatever design you choose, colors are more-vibrant and crisp on backlit posters. has a wide variety of free templates for backlit film or backlit posters, any of which can be customized for your business. Backlit graphics should display the name of your business, your logo, your brand colors, and even pictures of your products and services, so get creative with your design. We can print backlit posters or backlit film in any size and quantity you need, so measure your area carefully to make sure you order just the right size. If you need to advertise both day and night, look no further than backlit printing.

Backlit Printing Is Versatile and Effective

Backlit printing is ideal for a lightbox or store window because the light behind it accentuates the fantastic colors and details of your design. Backlit printing can be found in theaters, malls, large retail stores, and even in business lobbies as directories. Some customers even use backlit printing in their storefront windows. Backlit poster printing is a great choice for identifying your business name or even to feature new products. Your backlit printing will be fully visible during the day without any light behind it, however a simple spotlight makes your message even more-stunning at night. Imagine vivid, eye-catching backlit printing, which will be visible in the dark of night, glowing with details about your business. With high-quality backlit poster material and full-color designs, has everything you need for backlit printing.

Backlit prints are guaranteed to make a statement in any lightbox or store front. offers plenty of free templates for backlit posters and an easy online designer which you can use to make them your own. Increase your reach and make a statement with backlit printing that’s visible any time of day or night—order today!

Size: 22x28