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No Limit Apparel

Weather you want traditional Silk Screen Tee's, Full Color Tee's, Foil, or Rhinestones we have a solution for you!

Silk Screen Tee's  ::  The industry standard for Schools, Businesses and many others.  Perfect for orders of 12 or more.

All-Over Full Color Tee's  ::  When a Full Color Tee is your only desire then our Fused-In Shirts are the answer.  Order 1 or many!

Graphic Tees  ::  Vivid color on light and dark apparel is where DTG shines!  Order 1 shirt or hundreds. 

Foil Shirts :: Silver and Gold makes a bold statement!  Words fly off the apparel and catches every eye.

Rhinestones & Bling! :: Make it shine bright like a diamond!  Rhinestones create a custom look like none other.

Embroidery :: Fine detail with a corporate finish is the very definition of Embroidered Apparel. Used for orders of 12 or more.

Silk Screen Apparel

Custom screen printing is by far the most popular decoration choice for custom t-shirts and apparel. When you choose custom screen printed tees, you will get a fantastic, durable, vibrant print that is cost effective and long lasting. The prices of custom screen printing on t-shirts is quantity based so the more you buy, the cheaper they will be! Get your logo applied to a shirt forever with screen prints. Multiple ink colors can be used, and the inks can be blended together to achieve many colors while keeping it a cheap (we are talking high quality at a low price!) custom tee shirt! PMS color matching is also available if you have specific colors in mind for your personalized printed logo T-shirts and apparel. Or, choose from our huge selection of stock screen-printed ink colors. Specialty inks are available as well! Learn more about our fast turnaround on customized silk screen printing.

Sublimation Apparel

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Direct To Garment (DTG) Apparel

Direct To Garment Printing (or DTG Printing) is a process of printing on clothing using modified inkjet technology (just like your printer at home but fancier)  DTG printing applies specialized textile inks directly into the fibers of the clothing that is being printed.

DTG Advantages

Over the last ten years, the resolution (precision) of direct to garment printers has increased dramatically.  This means that DTG prints can look as good or better than traditional apparel printing processes, such as screen printing.   You can’t feel the design on the garment, like in screen printing, since the design is printed into the fabric of the apparel.

At the same time, the cost to set up direct to garment printers has decreased – which means DTG printing has become more accessible and affordable than many traditional printing methods.

Technologically, direct to garment printing offers great advantages over traditional printing, such as live computer previews of prints, and running multiple printers from one computer.  The amount of time & labor involved with DTG printing is significantly lower than traditional methods.  It’s easy to print full color, intricately detailed prints either in volume or one at a time. This makes low volume orders easy to fulfill, and frees up time to print more orders and keeps DTG pricing quite competitive.

Disadvantages/Limitations of DTG Printing

Even with all the cost and time benefits, there are a few setbacks to DTG printing.  In order for a printed design to look correct on dark materials, a white underlayer must be printed before color is applied. Many DTG printers do not print white ink on the garment before applying colored inks, which means your design may not look as good on dark garments than light garments. The biggest issue that may happen is that the shirt moves a little and so you can see a thick white line around the design which is the white underlayer.  DTG inks are also a little more expensive than traditional printing inks. Direct to Garment printing takes less time to set up than traditional screen printing;  however, the printing process itself takes longer per item.  Unlike screen printing, where the setup takes the longest and the printing itself is relatively quick, there are no real price or time discounts when using DTG printing in volume.

Is DTG Printing Eco-friendly?

Yes.  In most applications, the inks used in DTG printing are generally water based, pigmented inks that are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly. At SSMedia7 we use water based inks.

How well does DTG hold up over multiple washes?

DTG prints will remain just as bright and soft and won’t crack when properly cared for. Follow our guide to t-shirt care to avoid cracking or fading.

The difference between DTG and Digital Direct to Garment printing

These days, most all DTG printing is done digitally – printers utilize software on computers to interpret visual data and inject it directly into fabrics, or directly onto other hard surfaces.

Gold & Silver Foil Apparel

Foil printing is the best way to make your t-shirt designs pop. Sometimes called mirrored ink, foil is a great option to subtly accent an otherwise flat design or to create a loud, bold statement. Either way, mirrored foil gives a lot of added value to your designs for a little bit more cost.

Printing with foils is a precise method which we have spent years perfecting. It is a premium print which needs to be executed correctly. Our foil prints are professional and hold up against the biggest retail name brands on the market. In fact, our Fused Foils often look better.

Rhinestone Apparel

Rhinestoning just got easier! Add some sparkle and shine to your custom apparel with rhinestones! You can do your entire design in rhinestones or just add some rhinestone accents to your screen-printed shirts. Rhinestones are perfect for special events, resale, teams, and more! You can even get personalized names and numbers in bling -- perfect for your team or group! Rhinestones are a cheap way to jazz up your t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, koozies, and more! If you are a dance team or any group that just wants to do something a little different, a shirt with custom rhinestones is the way to go. Our rhinestones are professionally applied so you don’t have to worry about them falling off! It’s bedazzling taken to a whole new level!


Embroidery is a method of artistic reproduction dating to the Warring States period of ancient China (5th – 3rd century B.C.). Using a needle and thread, a pattern is sewn into the garment resulting in anything from a basic to a very complicated and intricate design. Today’s production is achieved through a process where the artist digitizes the artwork or text, and then an embroiderer hoops, sews, cleans, and finishes the design.

We take great pride in each step of the process and you can be assured that your product will have the upscale look and feel that you would expect from custom embroidered shirts, logo apparel, company shirts, or custom embroidered hats.


Digitizing is the first step for embroidery. Different than creating a digital file, digitizing is the process of taking the original artwork and converting it to a sew file that our embroidery machine can read. Using specialized computer software, the artist uses a series of different run, fill, and satin stitches to create a reproduction of the artwork, which we then sew on a piece of test fabric to verify size, color, pull compensation, and final quality. 


Hooping is where the garment is sandwiched between the two pieces of a round or square hoop in order to create a flat and taunt sew area at the proper location for the design. Normally an additional piece of non-woven fabric called “backing” is added to help stabilize the fabric to avoid any bunching, pulling, or distortion in the design. The garments are then clipped into the machine and sewn automatically while the embroiderer checks for thread breaks, stripped thread, mis-registration, or any other problems, while also hooping the garments for the next run.


Cleaning and finishing is the last step before the customer receives their goods. The embroider un-hoops the garment and sprays a fine mist of water over the impression the hoop has made into the fabric, also known as hoop burn, in order to “erase” the impression. The embroiderer will also trim any extra or loose threads remaining on the design, as well as the excess backing around the edges of the back of the design, and then do a final inspection for quality control. The shirt is then folded, counted, and made ready for the customer.


One of the unique things about embroidery is that there are infinite ways to achieve the goal of reproducing a particular logo or artwork to achieve a specific look. Whether digitizing for puff, using a specialty thread like metallic or neon, using special fill patterns for texture and reflection properties, or simply making a thread selection based on shirt color for a simple tonal design, we here at SSMedia7 are great at achieving results that give that little extra pizazz to your design. Classy shirt embroidery, big bold jacket backs, or hat embroidery suited to fashion headwear are all normal parts to our day, and the high quality artistic reproduction of designs using thread as a medium is one of the most satisfying parts of our job.