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About Us

We are proud of our culture

How our Company Culture Benefits our Customers

Our company culture is like our customer service mentality, which is built on understanding needs and happily meeting them. Happy team members means great service.

Team morale and company culture can impact your customer service and product quality in many different ways. A happy and compassionate culture can push people to go that extra mile and take pride in their work, benefiting your experience. Our goal is to not only make sure you get the best quality products and service possible, but that we create a work environment that makes our teams want to do the best they can. To learn more about our company culture and how it improves our services, start a conversation with us.

Although SSMedia7 has achieved a lot in the more than 20 years we’ve been helping customers and setting service standards in the graphic design and print industry, the company came from a small beginning.

 Our founder, Michael “M.C.” Pearson, was a double major in mathematics and engineering at Clark Atlanta University.  Feeling a need for a backup plan, just in case college didn’t work out, he joined the Army where he was trained and received his certification as a Multi-Media Illustrator and Graphic Designer at the Army’s world class Defense Information School located at Ft. Meade, MD.  What he though would be his backup plan, became his passion.  

While building the company from the ground up, he also molded an employee-friendly corporate culture for all team members. As new products were added and services grew, so did the focus on culture and M.C.’s vision of how to spread his own ethics. Our company culture, at its base, is the customer needs to be appreciated and treated with specialty. Hard work and a hands-on work ethic are highly valued, along with a can-do attitude and a willingness for team members to help around with duties that aren’t necessarily theirs. Expectations are high, but so is our loyalty and respect toward team members. This ingratiates us to each other, and mutual respect makes a happier and more productive work environment.

Our clients see the fruits of this environment, since we provide a level and variety of service that can’t be matched by other companies. We invest in our team members, they invest in us, and most of all they invest extra time and energy into their work – you. In addition to this, we empower our team members through coaching and development. People need room to grow, and continued learning and advancement makes for team members that is confident and flexible

SSMedia7 is focused on the future. That’s necessary for our rapidly changing industry. But part of that focus is dedicated to the future of our team members and the quality with which they help you with all of your needs, because we understand that the best time to plant a tree is now. So we focus on you, our customer, by investing in our team members. We plant and nurture them so that you may enjoy the shade they bring.

SSMedia7 is a Veteran and Minority Owned Business that designs and manufactures a wide variety of print products, wide format signs and banners, memorial products and more.